About us

Fonny’s Cakes dedicate ourselves to custom fondant cakes.
We involve our clients during the design process.
That is why our cake is one of the kind.
With the creativity, the results are endless.
We like to challenge ourselves with 3D and sculpted cakes.
We bake cakes for anniversary, birthday, graduation, wedding, and etc.
Our cakes are so moist with the right texture.
A perfect sweetness for your taste buds.
Think artsy. Think Fonny’s Cakes.

We recently won Second Place Decorated Cupcakes by The Art of The Cake in Ohio. To read the article.

Website: Fonny’s Cakes

Contact Us
Ph: 614.535.8037
Email: Fonnylasmana@yahoo.com
Location: Foxboro, MA

Email or call us to order. Please order 2 weeks in advance.
We deliver but we do not ship.


3 thoughts on “About us

  1. I have fallen in love with your Sid the Science kid cupcake cake. My son is turning 3 in July and was really interested in getting that. Can you please send me the pricing on that and how early I have to call and put order in…Thank you so much.

  2. is there anyway you could go a wwe theme cake by November 15th? if would need to just serve four people. I love your cakes

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