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Pretty in Pink and Chocolate

We only celebrate a big birthday party for our kids when they turn to five. Milcah, our baby girl, would have a pretty in pink and chocolate for her party’s theme.

Planning and designing are part of me. I love to design cake, party, house, and website and make them look fabulous. People look with their eyes so the first impression is very important. We, ehm I mean me, had planned this party for a year. Most people probably think that this is too much and yet, I took pleasure in doing every single of it.

Initially, we wanted to have a pony party but pretty and animal feces did not go well together. At least, it was not something that I had in mind. For a plan B, Milcah wished princesses to come to her party and she chose Jasmine and Aurora. Princess merged with pink and chococolate inspired me to create Milcah’s sculpted dress cake on a pedestal. It was a little different than the traditional barbie doll princess cake.

It started with pink impatients flowers in terracota planters and pink lollipop flowers as the centerpieces. Every kid had their own brown with pink polkadot placemat, a white embroidery paper underneath a pink flower cupcake on the holder, and a pink goodie box.

We catered the Indonesian food from our friend, Hesti, that created a beautiful three tiers yellow rice decorated with parsley and cherry tomatoes. For the dessert table, we brought pink and chocolate wafers. Cecilia sisters baked chocolate oreo truffle balls and pink macaroons with nutella. They were so pinkalicious!

Jasmine and Aurora came to entertain little girls with storytelling and dancing. Milcah was not being herself when meeting the princesses because she was too excited in the beginning and nervous at the end. The little girls waved to the princesses with sadly faces when they left and said goodbye.

Lastly but not least, I baked the cake and Restu took the candid pictures. We were thankful for friends that had helped us with this magical party. Now, I can just relax and stay in focus for Milcah’s 16th birthday party. My friend teased me that I need to grow peony plants now if I want to have a party looks like the one designed by Preston Bailey.

Wedding Cakes Columbus Ohio : Fonny’s Cakes
Columbus Ohio Wedding Photographer/Photography: Restu Kresnadi Photography


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