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Sid the Science Kid Cake and Cupcakes

Sierra turned to four. She likes Sid the Science Kid and friends. Sid likes to use a magnifying glass to explore the nature.

We were really satisfied with the result of the cake and cupcakes. The flavors included vanilla and chocolate for the cupcakes and a strawberry round topper cake with chocolate ganache. Our favorite was the flower basket cupcakes.

The cupcakes/cake stand was rented by Fonny’s Cakes. Please contact us for details.

Wedding Cakes Columbus Ohio : Fonny’s Cakes
Columbus Ohio Wedding Photographer/Photography: Restu Kresnadi Photography


4 thoughts on “Sid the Science Kid Cake and Cupcakes

  1. i love this do you ship your cakes would love to have this for my sons birthday cake. let me know

  2. hello i have a question. do u mail the character so i can put them to my cake if so how much do u charge for this… i really like the whole this but i want to bake a cake and add the characters onto it.. please help me its hard to find the characters to add to the cake thanks for ur help please let me know asap its for oct.26 thanks again…….

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