Birthday · Sculpted

The Apple MAC Cake

Handaya was crazy about all products from Apple: iPhone, Mac Book Pro, iMac, iPad, and etc. Linda, the wife, contacted and challenged us to come with an idea for Handaya’s birthday cake. We came out with a Mac Book Pro, an iPhone, and a digital frame with electronic picture of Effendi family: Handaya, Linda, and their baby girl, Kathleen.

This cake was indeed a challenging project for us, particularly to make the screen to stand and at the same time we wanted to make it edible. Every single object is edible including the keyboard, the iphone, and the digital frame. We finished up by airbrushing the cake using a pearl sheen color for the laptop.

Wedding Cakes Columbus Ohio : Fonny’s Cakes
Columbus Ohio Wedding Photographer/Photography: Restu Kresnadi Photography


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