Modern Batik / Paisley Wedding Cake

I always love batik, the traditional fabric from Central Java, Indonesia. The original batik cloth uses a manual wax-resist dyeing technique and only the upper middle class can afford to wear this expensive clothes. Indigo, dark brown, and white are the traditional colors. Batik had a lot of influences from Hindu and Indian culture. For me, batik is a piece of beautiful artwork. Patience and creativity are required to produce this one of the kind fabric. Textile industry is able to reproduce batik patterns so more people can afford batik or some call it paisley.

This cake was the modern version of a traditional batik fabric. It used dark brown, gold, silver, and pearl colors. The top cake had an antique bronze Indian traditional necklace. The second cake had an Indian embroideries with hanging gold beads. The third and fourth cakes had batik floral patterns with Indian embroideries at the bottom of the cake as a halter bridle.

Wedding Cakes Columbus Ohio : Fonny’s Cakes
Columbus Ohio Wedding Photographer/Photography: Restu Kresnadi Photography


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