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Barbie Fashion Show Cake, Cupcakes, and Party

Avani, a stylish girl who turned to five had a fabulous barbie fashion show party that all girls wish for. Her parents really love her.

The theme colors were pink and purple. Avani and Meghana, the mom, wore stunning lilac and purple dresses that matched to the decorations and cakes. Pink and purple balloons and ribbons tied to the back of the chairs. Barbie Make Over Station with a mini cute tote bag for each girl that was filled in with lip gloss, nail polish, necklace, bracelet, and braid to prepare the girls for the fashion show later on. Kartika Mediani, the artist, drew this Barbie Make Over Station’s picture from scratch. Once again, she blew our minds with her talent. Mik, the face painter, was so nice and willing to incorporate glitter to his work of art this time requested by Meghana. Glitter the balloon artist wore a bright pink wig and a fairy godmother costume to work with our theme. Both of them were really great people that had done great job to entertain the kids. We would recommend them to our future clients.

The cake itself was a good teamwork between Fonny Lasmana and Cecilia Selvya Go. We were really proud with the final result. This was probably the cutest cake that we have ever done so far. Meghana came with the design of the cake. She chose all the colors. We made two main figurines holding hands together: Meghana and Avani as the show stoppers. The mini B barbies were walking on the catwalk stage. Each cupcake had a unique stylish item: purse, dress, or hat.

Cecilia Sisters — Lia and Selvy — did a great job for the decorations.

The party would not be complete without the fashion show. All the kids took turn to walk on the stage and to end this party, we welcomed Avani with her pretty dress and feather scarf as the show stopper.

Tushar and Meghana Ghosh were awesome clients and we really had fun with this project.


4 thoughts on “Barbie Fashion Show Cake, Cupcakes, and Party

  1. I love the party and all the details,
    the cakes, cupcakes, decorations, goodie bags, kids fashion show…brilliant ideas- Bravo DW team…Bravo fonny and lia sisters and tika 🙂

  2. Hi Fonny

    Thanks a million for being part of & making Avani’s Birthday Party a lovely memory for life!
    The decorations, Barbie Make over and finally the “icing on the cake” – pun intended :), the cake itself was awesome.
    We all will cherish this for a lifetime – it was huge… Avani loved it…
    We will be in touch!

    Lovely blog and please also thank on our behalf to Restu for the pictures, Cecilia for the cake, Lia & Selvy for the decorations & Kartika for the makeover station.

    You are a gr8 team!

  3. Hi Fonny…

    Thanks so much for everything… The cake was awsome that I keep looking
    at its pictures all the time… It tasted also so good..We just loved it…
    I also liked those sweet tote bags which looked so beautiful… You and your
    team really did a great job in also decorating the party room… thanks so
    much fonny for everything…

    I saw the pictures of the cake on ur webpage too…. I was so excited to
    read and seeing the pictures that I forwarded the link of your page to my
    family in US as well as in India… Now i am addicted to visit your website
    everyday to see your lovely cakes….

    Once again thanks very much Fonny… you were very good..

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