Mario Bros Vs Pikachu Birthday Cake

It is common for kids to change their minds frequently. Nanda requested a Mario Bros theme cake and yet he decided that Pikachu from Pokemon was much cooler later on. Since it was his birthday, incorporate two main characters from different movies into one cake was the best solution for him. After seeing the cake’s final result, he actually preferred the Mario to Pikachu.

Mario was pushing a giant rubik’s cube made from three layers of cakes — vanilla, chocolate, and vanilla — so Pikachu would fall down. However, Mario did not realize that Toad, his friend, was also on the top of the cube. All the characters, the games scattered around on the ground, and the rubik’s cube were edible. It was a fun experience to sculpt the sugar paste and create the characters.

Custom Birthday Cakes: Fonny’s Cakes 614.535.8037
Photographer: Restu Photography


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