Barbie Ballerina Birthday Cakes & Cupcakes

This cake was planned one month ahead between Fonny’s Cakes and the Rahardjos. Mom likes Barbie and anticipated us to come with an original idea about Barbie cake. We brainstormed about different themes and came to a decision on the hip Barbie ballerina. Mom approved and loved the idea. We put our idea on the paper.

The cakes wrapped with fondant masqueraded as tutu’s layers of fabrics with a touch of edible satin ribbon on the edge. To flash the main ballerina, we just could not resist to use the silver metallic fondant. There were 3 layers of cakes: strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate. The fillings were strawberry cream cheese and chocolate ganache.

The main ballerina on the stage was Alicia, the birthday girl. Two small ballerinas on two sides, left and right, made a welcome movement with their arms to present Alicia to the audience.

To give a face-lift, we added cupcakes with ballerina’s accessories – such as tutu, leotard, leggings, ballet shoes, bags, and etc.

The stage was built using foam boards by dad who is an architect. We wrapped the stage with pink fondant to correspond to our whole design. Disco balls, spot light, and the glitter came from shiny fondant really made this a chic and fun cake for the one-year-old Alicia.

Wedding Cakes Columbus Ohio : Fonny’s Cakes
Columbus Ohio Wedding Photographer/Photography: Restu Kresnadi Photography


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