Super Wonder Mom Birthday Cake

We always love the idea of surprise cake. A month ago, it was the Hanjayas’ sixth anniversary and Yenny surprised Raymond with an anniversary buckeye cake. Yenny had her 30th birthday on December 28th and this time Raymond turned the tables on her with a surprise super wonder mom birthday cake. How Divine!

This was probably our favorite cake so far in term of the design. We drew the story of the cake and got Raymond’s approval. Yenny was busy cooking dinner. Raymond and their daughter, Angie, were enjoying dinner while baby Josh was crying because he dropped his bottle and spilled the milk on the granite floor. Super wonder mom came to the rescue by multitasking: cooking dinner and ironing the jeans. This cake was all about how the husband and the kids showed appreciation to the wife and mom with all her hard works to take care them everyday.

The square cake was 10 inches with two layers: green tea and grape. We used grape cream cheese as the filling. The rustic wood dining table, bench, stove, and marble kitchen counter were made from vanilla cakes with chocolate hazelnut and white chocolate ganache mixed with rum as the fillings. Everything was edible.

Baker: Fonny’s Cakes 614.535.8037
Photographer: Restu Kresnadi Photography


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