Parrot Cake

Diana and Dave wanted to give a surprise birthday cake for Dave’s dad who lives in Cleveland, Ohio. Diana contacted me five days before to make sure if it was possible. After discussing with her for a bit, she requested a white parrot and a wording “Rappy Wirfday” to be on the cake. How cute! The cake was not too complicated so we decided to bake the cake within a short period of time. It usually takes two weeks for us from the design process to the finish product. Stormy, the parrot, is Mr Alexander’s favorite pet and a parrot cake would definitely excite him.

The cake was three layers of chocolate cakes with chocolate ganache and apricot cream cheese as the fillings. We wrapped it with sugar red fall leaves that fell down on the ground. Stormy was relaxing on the branch surrounded by fall leaves, winterberries, and rocks. Everything was edible.

At the end, we were overjoyed that all of them were impressed with the cake and beyond what Diana imagined it was going to be.

Baker: Fonny’s Cakes 614.535.8037
Photographer: Restu Kresnadi Photography


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