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Sunset in downtown with Power Rangers birthday cake

Nathan’s mom contacted us a month ago for Power Rangers birthday cake. Nathan who is 4-years-old now loves blue Power Ranger so we had to come out with a new cake design with Blue Rangers as the focal point. Both of us are female and to design a boy’s cake was not an easy job.

It was sunset in fall season; the orange sky that was gradually changed color to blue was so beautiful that gave us an inspiration to bake a “Sunset in downtown with Power Rangers” cake. The cakes would be two tiers with different colors: orange and blue. Nathan, Blue Power Ranger popped up from the sky as a surprise and the stars would shine bright to celebrate the party. The shadows of tall buildings in downtown with lights came out from buildings would highlight that it was sunset. Red and black power rangers also appeared on the cake for Nathan’s older and younger brothers. Once again, we put our idea on the paper and showed it to mom. Mom loved the design.

The cake was two tiers: a 9 inches round cake with three flavors: strawberry, grape, and chocolate and a personal cake with three layers: grape, chocolate, and grape. Strawberry cream cheese was our selection for the filling. The cupcakes were also had three different flavors: strawberry, grape, and chocolate with power rangers’ heads, nathan’s first initial, and stars as the toppers.

We spent a couple hours just to make one power ranger using sugar paste because the details really made a difference. Everything was edible except the wire for the stars and the candles.

Birthday Cakes and Cupcakes: Fonny’s Cakes 614.535.8037
Photographer: Restu Photography


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