“Buckeye Wedding Anniversary Cake

The Hanjayas are good friends of us who live in Ann Arbor, MI. But, they are big fans of Buckeye.

After tasting our grape cake, the wife was craving for more and had a brilliant idea to give the husband a surprised cake for their 6th wedding anniversary.

We came out with a story for their cake based on their characteristics. The husband was laying down on the sexy deep red heart shaped bed and thought about having a romance with the wife. On the other side of the room, the wife was running on the treadmill and thinking about her ideal shape. We drew a raw sketch of the design on the paper and showed it to the wife for an approval.

During the process of making the cake, we tried to implement the husband’s interests into the cake and there was why red scarlet and gray became the choice for the bed sheet, pillows, and comforter. Brutus, Buckeye mascot’s picture was printed on the comforter. The shape of the cake became square since the heart shape was too feminine for a football theme.

The cake was three layers: grape, green tea, and grape with grape cream cheese as the filling. Everything is edible except the wires.

We really loved how the final look of the cake came out and this cake was so humorous, nothing serious, just like this couple.

To order custom cake: Fonny’s Cakes 614.535.8037
Photographer: Restu Photography


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