Anime cake

Less is more when we designed this anime cake. Milcah, who just turned 12th, is addicted to animation drawing and helps us to create this fun simple cake.


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Fairy Party

Our fairy party is in Featured Submissions on Amy Atlas Blog

Milcah turned to 7. I just wanted to enjoy planning her parties before she grows up and becomes a teenager. This year, Milcah changed her mind 3 times from Tinker Bell to butterfly to fairy party. At the end, it worked well. I am very blessed to have friends who were willing to help me with the party: Cecilia, Michelle, and Clare during the makeup session.

I put a lot of elbow grease into decorating this party. At the end, it was like a fairy dream for Milcah and her friends and that’s all that matters.


Dessert Table, Party design, and details: Fonny’s Cakes
Photographer: Restu Kresnadi Photography